We have recently been out completing surveys for bird proofing at commercial properties in Aberdeen (mainly for seagulls deterrents).
Whilst we have also been out in and aroud Fife mainly for solutions regarding (pigeon proofing).
Thankfully there has been some proactive organisations which have been thinking ahead, those who had issues with nesting gulls earlier this year (breeding season late April/May – late July early August) those organisations are contacting us now , looking for solutions to prevent the same issues in the coming year.
We specialise in the discreet and effective removal of Pigeons, Seagulls, Starlings and other birds from business premises. Should you want to know more about our removal services click on our Bird Control page.
Should you want to speak to a profesional then you can call the following numbers.
West of Scotland0141 889 5113

East of Scotland & Borders: 0131 659 6900

North & North East of Scotland01224 210 006

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