On a Mission

I am currently in the USA, during my visit I am going to be meeting with several pest control companies in the USA and also some manufacturers.

The pest control industry is much bigger in the USA than the UK and the range of pest species is huge. One other big difference is the fact that many householders have annual service contracts to protect their homes against pests.

Like the UK the companies range in size from small companies right through to multinationals. What is also interesting is that it is common for the same company, large or small to do a multitude of disciplines including pest control, pool and lawn care, termites even snake and dog control.

I am interested in seeing how their servicing schedule works to keep track of all these different services and how the scheduling works involving all those different frequencies of visit.

I am also interested in their application equipment methods, being such a large market they are often at the front of the industry as manufacturers are anxious to launch new products into the biggest market first. We have scored in the past by being able to source these products early before the rest of our competition knew even of their existence.

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