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Production Companies


There can be nothing more damaging to a business relationship than delivering your product to a client accompanied by a host of small unnoticed insect pests, which then subsequently infest your clients premises.

This happens a lot more often than you would think and this is why many companies, especially if they are handling big quantities of packaging, have thorough goods in inspection procedures.We are fully aware of these problems and have systems that can dramatically reduce the chances of this occurring.

We also recognise that in any production company, “down time” can prove highly expensive, this is why we have invested in high tech specialised application equipment that can treat huge areas quickly and efficiently thus ensuring our clients normal routines can continue with minimum disruption.

We are very experienced in providing pest control services to production industries and have developed specific systems and services to suit this environment.

Transport & Warehousing


The risks of pest and disease cross contamination are the main problems in these industries and we have developed specific systems designed to minimise these risks. It is crucial in this industry to ensure that any infestation is identified early and that measures are in place to limit the range of the infestation and then eliminate it completely.

Companies expect their product to be stored to good standards of hygiene and regularly inspect warehousing facilities before deciding to store goods.

Our Reporting Service can be very useful in demonstrating compliance with best practice and Health and Safety Legislation and invaluable in any audit situation.

Pest control is crucial when storing goods on behalf of clients to ensure they stay in first class condition while in your care.

We have a range of bio degradable products that are non tainting, non staining, ideal for use in multi product locations.

Food & Drink


High standards of pest control are crucial in this sector. The Food and Drink sector has been booming in recent years and has been hugely successful at home and abroad.

Scotland’s international reputation for high quality food and drink production is a key component in the drive for export growth and quality is the keystone for that strategy to remain successful.

We have wide experience in providing pest control services to this sector and the whisky industry in particular and we have developed tailored specifications utilising the most suitable and safe products,all designed to ensure the maximum protection for very competitive rates.

Control of pigeons and other birds are of considerable importance in sites where large quantities of grain are in use and we have a range of preventative systems, including bird netting, anti roost systems that act as a major pigeon deterrent providing a lasting answer to pigeon problems.



You may not be aware of this but large office complexes are often pest exchange centres, where people unwittingly introduce insect pests active in their homes into their work environment. Conversely they also pick up unwanted pests at work and introduce them into their homes.

Like all other properties they may offer harbourage to rats, mice and a host of other pests and therefore require pest control services.

The use of insect detector monitors and regular inspection can minimise the risks of pest control problems. We have invested in very modern application equipment that can treat large office complexes in a matter of minutes thus ensuring any problem is rapidly dealt with and the company’s normal business activities can continue uninterrupted.

Property Management


Both pest control and bird control are important subjects for property managers and we can provide pest control services to deal with any pest or bird problems quickly and effectively
We provide a rapid and reliable service to this sector and can also,on request ,aid with explanatory letters for householders advising how any treatment will be carried out and why it is in the householders interests to ensure any pests are eliminated in early course.

We also provide an advice service for architects and property developers where we can advise how best to protect buildings from likely pest problems and have a wide range of solutions including bird netting, anti bird spike systems etc., that prove a major pigeon deterrent and can solve pigeon problems in the long term.

Health Board Trusts & Nursing Homes


We have huge experience in providing pest control services to this sector across the country. From the largest hospitals to the smallest nursing homes we have protected patients and staff from the many dangers associated with pest problems.

Pests are often responsible for spreading diseases, including many that could be extremely serious in the healthcare environment, where patients, through illness or simply being elderly may already be in a weakened state and less able to recover from illnesses such as salmonella, to name but one potential hazard. We recognise the responsibility this puts on us to make sure we do everything we can to minimise these risks. Keeping these properties free of rats and mice as well as pigeon and other bird problems is a high priority.

One additional service we offer is pest awareness classes where staff can be made aware of identifying the first signs of pest activity and this helps build a team approach between everyone involved assuring the highest possible standards.

Computer Centres & Data Banks


All rodents have constantly growing incisor teeth. This means that they need to gnaw constantly to maintain these teeth at manageable levels. Electrical cabling is a favourite target and apart from the obvious fire risk they are capable of interrupting vital computer services and causing serious disruption.

Road control systems, airport landing systems and vital computer equipment have all fallen victim to pest attack.

Simple but effective preventative pest control can greatly limit the risks of damage to these expensive systems and this combined with regular inspection can virtually eliminate these serious risks. Having a high quality commercial pest control system in place can help avoid all of these problems.

Local Government


We have wide experience in providing pest control services to several local authorities throughout Scotland and have developed highly efficient reporting systems designed to handle the high volume calls than can be generated from this sector.

This ensures that our local government clients are kept fully in touch with our treatment progress at all times, all designed to minimise administration costs to the local authority.

Our aim is always to eliminate any infestation on our first treatment and while second treatments can be necessary for some pest species we always strive to eliminate the pests as quickly as is possible.
Whether it be rats or mice, bird problems or a serious insect infestation we have the products and application equipment that can solve the problem quickly and efficiently.



Any environment where large quantities of packaging materials are present are particularly vulnerable to pest problems as the materials in use are often favourites for nesting locations. Insect pests in particular can prove a problem as they are often very small and go unnoticed until a customer identifies them from an incoming delivery.

The use of insect monitoring traps as part of a preventative system can greatly minimise these risks and ensure any problem is identified at an early stage and quickly eliminated before becoming widespread.

As the packaging industry is closely allied to the food and drink sector it is crucial high standards are maintained in this sector.

Manufacturing & & Engineering


These are crucial sectors to the Scottish economy and many of our exports are created in this market sector. High standards of hygiene and pest control are of great importance both from a Health and Safety perspective but also in ensuring that the final products arrive in top class condition and pest free.

In the same way as production programmes are designed to maximise efficiency so are our pest control services that are designed to provide the maximum protection for the most competitive price.

Having operated in several other European nations and even further afield on an international scale we are well placed to understand the demands of international trading and the need to be able to demonstrate the highest standards at all times.

This is another sector where we have enjoyed wide experience with many of Scotland’s largest companies over the years.


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